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Fund to retain faculty, staff
October 18, 2002

Despite tight budgets and a state funding shortfall, the President’s Cabinet and Budget Council has approved a measure to internally fund a $2 million salary pool that will be used to address a small number of critical retention and recruitment cases.”High quality programs can only be maintained if the university employs high quality faculty and staff,” said President V. Lane Rawlins. “For this reason, paying competitive salaries is an essential goal. “Our efforts to pay salaries that are competitive with institutions in other states were dealt severe blows last spring. First the 2002 Legislature eliminated the previously scheduled general salary increase, replacing it with funding … » More …

WSU Spokane hires nat’l recognized faculty
September 26, 2002

New faculty joining Washington State University Spokane this fall bring nationally and internationally recognized expertise in a number of fields to expand the campus#s academic and research programs.Bassem Bejjani, MD, joins WSU Spokane#s Health Research and Education Center and the WSU basic medical sciences program as a research professor. He has also been named co-director of the Molecular Diagnostics Lab at Sacred Heart Medical Center. Dr. Bejjani was most recently medical director of the Kleberg Cytogenetics Laboratory at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. His research investigates the molecular mechanisms of hereditary eye diseases. Bejjani has received a number of awards both for teaching and … » More …

Faculty research exceeds $100 million, 14 percent growth
September 6, 2002

Washington State University conducted research valued at more than $100 million over the last year on a myriad of projects. This represents a 14 percent increase over the last fiscal year.”We are proud of this achievement,” said James N. Petersen, interim vice provost for research. “Our faculty have been very successful in acquiring funding for their research that also supports undergraduate and graduate education associated with it,” Petersen said. “Faculty members throughout the university are expending tremendous effort to compete for major grants.””Significant funding enables us to better understand our environment and how we interact with it,” the vice provost said, adding that this research … » More …

Collective bargaining law offers new options
April 12, 2002

Gov. Gary Locke recently signed a bill that gives collective bargaining rights to state employees from more than 2,700 job classes — including faculty from four-year universities. Before signing the bill into law, however, Locke vetoed a portion that would have required a university to eliminate its faculty senate before participating in collective bargaining.When asked if WSU faculty would join in the collective bargaining movement, now that it allows for a faculty senate, Tom Brigham, executive secretary of the WSU Faculty Senate, said it isn’t likely.“What was passed is enabling legislation, it doesn’t require that a faculty unionize,” said Brigham. “It simply makes it legal … » More …

Faculty/staff fund drive launches this week
April 12, 2002

Washington State University’s motto, “World Class. Face to Face.” vividly illustrates the nature of the work that faculty and staff do every day to make the university an outstanding place for WSU students. In addition, many faculty and staff choose to contribute financially to areas they feel are critical to the success of the university.

As the 2002 Faculty/Staff Drive kicks off this month, faculty and staff are encouraged to contribute to the areas of WSU that mean most to them.

This year’s drive is co-chaired by three people: Bob Nilan, former dean of the College of Sciences, representing retirees, Dick Law, representing faculty, and … » More …

Atomic-level electronics: believing leads to accomplishing
March 29, 2002

Kerry Hipps and his students are atomic-level electricians.They take detailed pictures of molecules, then measure electron flow at the submolecular level. They are looking “to see how electrons move through different parts of single molecules.” These researchers are exploiting the fact that material properties change significantly at the molecular level, such that new and surprising materials can result.His address will be on the shapes and electronic properties of single molecules.Country scientistAfter receiving a Ph.D. in chemical physics from WSU in 1976, Hipps spent two years as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Michigan. Then a position opened up at WSU.“I chose to return to … » More …