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Hotel ‘greenwashing’ dirties eco-friendly reputation
October 1, 2015

By Sue McMurray, Carson College of Business

go-green-webPULLMAN, Wash. – Hotels across the globe are increasingly encouraging guests to embrace green practices. Yet while guests think they are supporting the environment by shutting off lights and reusing towels, they may in fact be victims of “greenwashing,” a corporation’s deceitful practice of promoting environmentally friendly programs while hiding ulterior motives.

Vancouver campus to update community on master plan
July 10, 2006

Washington State University Vancouver will host an open house on Wednesday, July 19, to address potential environmental impact from future development of the campus. The update of the institution’s master plan, which was first developed in 1995 and which the institution began updating in 2003, will guide the development of the campus through the next 20 years.WSU Vancouver has prepared a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) assessing three scenarios for campus development, including (1) a baseline alternative represented by the current approved master plan; (2) a second alternative which adds approximately seven academic buildings, four non-academic buildings, limited faculty/graduate student housing, expansion of the Physical … » More …