WSU hopes to increase fund drive participation

Giving a little can go a long way, especially when combined with the gifts of many others. Through the Washington State Employees Combined Fund Drive (CFD), WSU faculty and staff have been giving for more than 20 years, and their generosity continues to grow. Last year, 9.8 percent of WSU employees pledged $169,894, a three […]

Plans for employees, students to view Showcase

The president and provost have approved the use of one hour of work time for all WSU employees to attend the Academic Showcase, which will run 9 a.m.-noon Friday, April 1, in the CUB. Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to schedule attendance with supervisors so university operations aren’t disrupted and so all can enjoy […]

Classified employees view biggest changes at WSU

Combine the service of five particular Washington State University classified employees, and you get more than a century of experience and a look at how things have changed over the years. • Topping the list of state classified staff with the most longevity at each of the WSU campuses is Jacqueline Knight, Facilities Operation Center […]

Examiner to set date of hearing

The state Public Employment Relations Commission has announced that it will hold a conference call on Feb. 4 with representatives from the Washington Federation for State Employees and Washington State University. The purpose of the meeting is to establish a date when PERC can hold a public hearing to review the unfair labor practice complaint […]

Library employees suggest seasonal reading favorites

For Christmas, Cindy Ellis, information technology systems specialist at Holland/New Library, will give her daughters and their families one of the gifts she most loves — the book “Miracle on 34th Street.” That’s right; not the movie, the book. “The book and the film were developed at the same time, in 1947,” Ellis said. “I, […]

WSU ‘perplexed’ by union claims

Following is a statement from Richard Heath, associate vice president for administration and human resources Washington State University’s administration is perplexed by the allegations that have been attributed by the news media to officials of the Washington Federation of State Employees.  According to media sources, WFSE officials in Olympia are alleging management interference with the recent ratification […]

Union contract up for vote

Washington Federation of State Employees and Washington State University arrived at a tentative contract agreement on Monday, Sept. 27, with a statewide vote slated for Wednesday, Sept. 29, that will include all classified employees that are covered by the proposed contract. (Approximately 1,000 WSU classified employees are not in a bargaining unit and will not […]

WSU, union agree on 19 articles; work remains

WSU and union negotiators, representing the Washington Federation of State Employees, have been working nonstop on a contract the past few weeks, in an effort to meet a state deadline of Oct. 1. As of Aug. 3, both parties had tentatively agreed to 19 articles, including various kinds of leave and childcare, holidays, savings clause […]

Flexible benefits coming

At a time when salary increases are at a minimum, the university’s executive leadership has established a new means by which to increase net disposable income — medical flexible spending accounts. Employees will be able to invest in medical flexible spending accounts starting Jan. 1, 2004. These accounts let you deposit money from your before-tax […]