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Ask Dr. Universe: Why is ripe fruit sweet?
March 31, 2015

Dr-Universe-230WENATCHEE, Wash. – My friend Kate Evans said the answer really depends on whether you want the perspective of a person, a plant or even a cat. Evans is a plant scientist at Washington State University in Wenatchee, where she investigates fruit in the Apple Capital of the World.

Ask Dr. Universe: Can you grow clothes?
March 23, 2015

Dr-Universe-230PULLMAN, Wash. – We can use all kinds of animal, bug, and plant materials to make cloth. Even some of the tiniest living things on the planet can make cloth, too.

Ask Dr. Universe: Where does dirt come from?
March 16, 2015

Dr-Universe-230PULLMAN, Wash. – In just a word, the story of soil goes something like this: “CLORPT!” It’s fun to say, and it helps explain how tough rock turns into the soft soil farmers need to grow food and feed the world.

Ask Dr. Universe: When do children’s brains work best?
March 2, 2015

Dr-Universe-230PULLMAN, Wash. – Hang on tight because the human brain keeps you on a 24-hour roller coaster. Every day the human body produces a chemical messenger in the brain called melatonin. It tells the body when it is time to go to bed.