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Teaching overseas offers special challenges, joys
September 13, 2011



PULLMAN – In a typical student-teaching job, Amy Woodcock might have taught a diverse group of American ninth-graders. And she might have taken them on a field trip – but not to an amphitheater built for Nazi rallies.


“It is called Thingstätte, located in Heidelberg,” Woodcock recalled of her experience in Germany last year. “It’s real popular now to have picnics on, and hold big events where people create bonfires.”


More than 100 WSU College of Education students have done their student teaching overseas. In recent years, they have worked exclusively on U.S. Army or Air Force bases. Seven students are … » More …

In Steppe premires this Thurday
April 30, 2008

RICHLAND – WSU’s KTNW premieres “In Steppe” this Thursday, May 1, at 8 p.m. In the Tri-City area, viewers can catch the program on channel 31 or cable channel 10.

Lucy Luginbill, host of “Just a Minute,” is the brainchild of the new show. 


“’In Steppe’ is a play on words,” Luginbill said. “It’s about getting in touch with the people and the landscape of this incredible region, the shrub-steppe. If you live in central Washington for any length of time, you develop a love and respect for this habitat. The people and the animals have many qualities in common: patience and tenacity … » More …