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Internet data pipeline quadruples at WSU Pullman
June 23, 2006

The data pipeline to WSU Pullman’s campus just quadrupled in size, from 155 megabits per second (Mbps) to 620.    For the technologically challenged, here is a definition — Mbps measures capacity for Internet traffic. Viewed another way, it is the size of the pipe, a measurement of the amount of data that can travel to and from WSU Pullman Internet sites. And as the amount of data has increased, the pipeline has grown to accommodate it.”With video conferencing, the communication needs of research collaboration, and all the other Internet uses, it was time for us to increase the size of our connection,” explained Dave Ostrom, director … » More …

Chillers installed to increase chilled water circulation
March 8, 2006

Facilities Operations and Capital Planning and Development are working to improve the underground chilled water piping loop that supplies cold water for air conditioning to buildings on the WSU Pullman campus.Over the past five years, many steps have been taken to improve chilled water capacity, including adding new loop-connected chillers and enacting energy improvement projects on the system. The current phase is to replace plant chillers at the Central Chilled Water Plant, located on College Avenue south of the old Engineering Laboratory Building, to increase efficiency and capacity. The project will replace old 1,000-ton chillers with new 1,500-ton chillers and upgraded cooling towers.Chilled water … » More …