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New Distinguished Alumnus speaks on ‘academic adventure’
October 1, 2004

Molecular biologist John N. Abelson will be honored this month as Washington State University’s 34th recipient of the WSU Regents’ Distinguished Alumnus Award. A 1960 WSU physics graduate, Abelson will be presented with the award, the highest honor granted to WSU alumni, during the regents’ meeting at 9 a.m. Friday, Oct. 22, in Lighty 405. Abelson is a pioneer in determining how the information in DNA is translated into the language of proteins. He is co-founder of a company that developed one of the first three drugs that slashed the death rate among AIDS patients in the mid 1990s.Abelson is Beadle emeritus professor at Cal … » More …

‘Nature’ magazine features article by WSU plant biologist
May 27, 2004

PULLMAN, Wash. — Washington State University plant biologist Andrew G. McCubbin has co-authored an article published in the May 20 issue of Nature magazine (Vol. 429, 302-305) focusing on plant pollination.In the article, “Identification of the Pollen Determinant of S-RNase-mediated Self-incompatibility,” MuCubbin and his co-authors report their research that resulted in identifying and describing the gene SLF, a key factor in preventing self-pollination in many plant species.”In most plants, male and female reproductive organs are located close to each other within each flower and, unless there is a mechanism to prevent self-fertilization, this closeness leads to a tendency to inbreed,” McCubbin said. “On an evolutionary … » More …