Common Reading book nominations for 2018-19 open through Nov. 1

By Bev Makhani, Undergraduate Education

Common Reading LogoPULLMAN, Wash. – The Washington State University Common Reading Program is accepting nominations for the 2018-19 students’ common reading book to coincide with the theme “Frontiers of technology, health and society.”

The program, hosted by WSU Undergraduate Education, has an online form where people can submit information,, for the selection committee to consider. Nominators can provide comments on what makes the book memorable and worthy of universitywide engagement, and how the book connects to university research or initiatives.

“Through the Common Reading Program we use one book each year across multiple disciplines to introduce students to academic topics and faculty, making it a key part of their transformational educational experience at WSU,” said Susan Poch, co-director of the program and chair of the selection committee.

“We look to students, faculty, staff and the community to nominate great books that stimulate important dialogues,” said Karen Weathermon, program co-director and director of WSU First-Year Programs. “Ready Player One,” this year’s common reading book, highlights applications of technology in a variety of fields, and it encourages exploration into ethical dilemmas and changing senses of identity that arise in an increasingly digital world, she said.

An interdisciplinary, cross-campus selection committee evaluates each book and narrows the list to a few recommendations. In Pullman, WSU’s provost traditionally selects the final book.

Since 2006-07 the common reading has engaged faculty and staff members, first-year students, and many others in academic dialogue and presentations around topics in a single book. The program, with partnering departments, residence halls and campus organizations, offers faculty- and guest-expert speakers, film showings, and more throughout fall and spring semesters.

For more on the program and upcoming events, and to nominate a book, see



  • Karen Weathermon, WSU Common Reading Program co-director, WSU Undergraduate Education, 509-335-5488,
  • Emma Epperly, Communications and Marketing Associate, WSU Undergraduate Education, 509-335-9458,

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