Provost’s perspective: No government shutdown at WSU

By Dan Bernardo, provost and executive vice president

Bernardo-2013PULLMAN, Wash. – As members of the Washington State Legislature continue to work through the details of next biennium’s budget, there has been some media coverage around what happens if lawmakers are unable to complete their work by July 1.

While I am optimistic that they will have a budget finalized before then, I want to quell any fears employees may have and assure you that Washington State University will continue operating as usual, in the short term, even if lawmakers don’t meet that deadline.

Because our funding comes from a variety of sources, we have more flexibility than many state agencies. While that flexibility is limited, we will be able to temporarily bridge any gap in state funding with non-appropriated funds.

That means no interruption of service to our students, no layoff notices for employees and no negative impacts on our research and extension work. In fact, all of the public, four-year, higher-education institutions as well as the community colleges have the capacity to do the same.

State lawmakers most likely will complete their budget deliberations on time. However, if for whatever reason they do not, WSU will continue to serve.



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