March 4 deadline for nominations to faculty status panel

PULLMAN, Wash. – Nominations to serve on the Faculty Status Committee (FSC) will be accepted by committee members Craig Parks and Katrina Mealey through Tuesday, March 4.

The FSC is an independent, investigative committee elected by Washington State University faculty to hear appeals of non-reappointment, denial of tenure or deferral of promotion. It may also hear and investigate other appeals as outlined in the faculty manual.

To submit a name for election, email or The new term will start May 16. Committee members serve staggered three-year terms and are not eligible to serve two consecutive terms.

Five appeals in 2013

FSC investigations are confidential; results are released only to the appellant and the president of the university. The FSC has 90 days to conclude an investigation after a formal appeal has been filed.

The committee received four appeals of denial of tenure and promotion (T&P) and one appeal of deferral of promotion in spring 2013. Appeals were received from three colleges and WSU Libraries on three campuses. Investigations were completed by mid-May.

The committee has received no appeals concerning non-reappointment of tenure-track junior faculty (third-year review) from spring 2013.

Four decisions upheld

The faculty manual states that appeals must be evaluated on the basis of substantial procedural irregularity, inadequate consideration and/or violation of academic freedom.

Based on these criteria, the FSC recommended that the decision to deny T&P be upheld for three cases, and no decision was recommended for two cases. After reviewing the reports and recommendations, the president set aside one decision and upheld three T&P denials and the deferred promotion.

Committee members and the year their term ends are: Kristen Johnson, co-chair (2014); Stergios Fotopoulis, co-chair (2015); Cheryl Gunselman (2014); Bala Krishnamoorthy (2014); Craig Parks (2015); Robert Quinlan (2015); Laura Hill (2016); Katrina Mealey (2016); and Julie Ann Wieck (2016).

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