WSU engineering program begins in Everett

A WSU engineering class taught in Pullman is broadcast to Olympic College students in Bremerton last year. (WSU photo by Tim Marsh)

PULLMAN, Wash. – Approximately 25 mechanical engineering students will begin their Washington State University studies today (Monday) on the Everett Community College campus.

“The WSU Everett program is addressing two major concerns for the state by providing more affordable and accessible higher education options for students and more engineers who are critically needed for our economy,’’ said Bob Olsen, associate dean of undergraduate programs and student services for the WSU College of Engineering and Architecture. “This is another example of how WSU is meeting its land-grant mission to educate our state’s residents in a critical field.’’

The program is modeled on a similar one that was started in Bremerton in fall 2010 and that saw its first graduates in the spring.

The Everett program came about as part of a state initiative to increase the number of engineering and computer science students and graduates. Earlier this year, WSU and the University of Washington were allocated $3.8 million to address a shortage of Washington state engineers.

The support will result in a more than 30 percent increase in the number of students in WSU’s engineering programs. It will allow the college to enroll 425 new students and to hire 20–25 new faculty members. In addition to the Everett program, the WSU engineering programs in Pullman, Bremerton and Vancouver will expand. Approximately two-thirds of the new students will be undergraduates.

The Everett program includes a combination of Everett and Pullman-based faculty with courses originating both from Everett and the Pullman campus.

Students will follow WSU’s semester system and pay WSU tuition rates. Upon graduation, they will have fulfilled WSU mechanical engineering degree requirements.

Several classes will be broadcast via video from Pullman, and students will be required to take some laboratory classes on the Pullman campus during the summers.

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