WSU Athletics and ISP Sports add to radio network

PULLMAN – WSU Athletics and ISP Sports have added Seattle-based radio station KIXI, 880 AM, to the WSU ISP Sports Network, it was announced Thursday, Sept. 23.
The addition of KIXI provides extended coverage of Cougar football to the Seattle area, providing another outlet for WSU fans to listen to Bob Robertson and Jim Walden announce Cougar football. KIXI will cover Saturday’s game against USC.
“WSU and ISP heard from fans in the Seattle area and, with assistance from Cougar alumni, we were able to make this happen,” said WSU ISP Sports Assistant Vice President and General Manager Pete Isakson.
“We’re pleased that we could grow our network coverage in a very timely manner and, working with WSU Athletics and an integral group of alumni, our network is stronger. Fans in the Seattle area now have four options to listen to the Cougars, KIXI 880, KKOL 1300, KRKO 1380 and KHHO 850.”
The WSU ISP Sports Network includes 22 affiliates throughout the state, along with Idaho and Oregon. Cougar broadcasts are also available on the Web at and on SIRIUS XM Radio. Below are the affiliate listings of the WSU ISP Sports Network. 
Location                          Station                                Frequency                              
Aberdeen                         KXRO                                  1320 AM
Bellingham                       KPUG                                  1170 AM
Centralia                          KMNT                                 104.3 FM
Cle Elum                          KEYG                                  98.5 FM
Colville                            KCVL                                  1240 AM
Everett                             KRKO                                  1380 AM
Lewiston                          KCLK                                  1430 AM
Longview                         KEDO                                  1400 AM
Moscow                           KCLX                                  1450 AM
Moses Lake                     KBSN                                  1470 AM
Mount Vernon                 KBRC                                  1430 AM
Olympia                           KGY                                    1240 AM
Omak                               KNCW                                 92.7 FM
Pasco                               KONA                                 610 AM
Portland                           KKPZ                                  1330 AM
Pullman                           KHTR                                  104.3 FM
Seattle                              KKOL                                  1300 AM
Seattle                              KIXI                                    880 AM
Spokane                           KXLY                                  920 AM
Tacoma                            KHHO                                 850 AM
Walla Walla                      KGDC                                  1320 AM
Wenatchee                       KKRT                                  900 AM
Satellite                                         Sirius XM Radio

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