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April 4: Google engineer to speak on end of Moore’s Law
April 2, 2018

Partha Ranganathan, a distinguished engineer at Google, will speak on the “End of Moore’s Law: Or, a computer architect’s mid-life crisis” 3:10 p.m. Wednesday, April 4, in the Engineering Teaching/Research Lab 101.

John McCloy standing in front of equipment
Fires burned, cauldrons bubbled
April 2, 2018

The durable, vitrification techniques used to build impenetrable 5th century fortress walls are being studied for potential use in containing nuclear waste.

More Science & Technology

Help kids discover science
March 14, 2018

WSU’s science-loving cartoon cat, Dr. Universe, is hosting a STEM supply drive for Palouse-area schools to help kids discover how much science rules. Learn how you can help.

Dr. Universe: Why do cows moo?
March 2, 2018

Just as each person’s voice is a little different, so is each cow’s moo. Amber Adams-Progar, WSU animal scientist, helps Dr. Universe tackle this kid question about animal communication.

Developing technologies for Hanford site
March 1, 2018

Projects include an autonomous vehicle that analyzes radioactive vapors to protect Hanford workers and ultra high-performance concrete to safely immobilize solid secondary wastes.

A new generation of Titanic exploration
February 21, 2018

A private submarine preparing to map the world’s most famous shipwreck has strong ties to WSU Everett: “We are on the precipice of making history.”