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Students in classroom learning to work together on projects.
WSU Everett explores merged coursework
February 4, 2019

Engineering, communication and business students are working together as part of an effort to explore greater opportunities for interdisciplinary studies.

Moffett kneeling on a rock next to a stream.
Why water matters
January 18, 2019

From cities to rural and wild areas, Kevan Moffett wants to better understand the role of water on the planet.

Raghunath interacts with helper robot at WSU Smart Apartment.
WSU smart home tests first elder care robot
January 14, 2019

Researchers believe the robot, nicknamed RAS, could eventually help those with dementia and other limitations continue to live independently in their own homes.

More Science & Technology

Dear Dr. Universe: What is venom?
December 21, 2018

A lot of different animals, like wasps, spiders, snakes, jellyfish, and scorpions, make venom. Animals like the cone snail, the blue-ringed octopus, and centipedes do, too.

Climate change affects breeding birds
December 19, 2018

Wild house finches are breeding earlier as temperatures get warmer. These results aren’t necessarily problematic and might result in a longer breeding season and more offspring.