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WSU News Obituaries

James C. Engibous

PULLMAN, Wash. – James C. Engibous, retired from the information department and agronomy and soil, died Jan. 16, 2014. He worked at WSU 1955-1988.

Linda Kittell

PULLMAN, Wash. – Linda Kittell, retired from the English department, died Jan. 29, 2014. She worked at WSU 1984-2013.

Frank A. Loewus

PULLMAN, Wash. – Frank A. Loewus, retired from the Institute of Biochemistry, died Jan. 21, 2014. He worked at WSU 1975-90.

Trudy K. Kenny

PULLMAN, Wash. – Trudy K. Kenny, College of Agricultural, Human and Natural Resource Sciences business and finance office, died Jan. 8, 2014. She worked at WSU since 1981.