“Climate Finance and Women Farmers in Ghana” A WSU Humanities Lecture by Dr. Patricia Glazebrook April 25

Washington State University Philosophy Professor and Humanities Fellow Dr. Patricia Glazebrook will present “Climate Finance and Women Farmers in Ghana” at 3 p.m. Tuesday, April 25, in the Bundy reading Room in Avery Hall. The presentation is hosted by the Humanities Planning Group (HPG) and is free and open to the public.

Attendees can expect an overview of climate change impacts on food security in sub-Saharan Africa, with focus on women subsistence farmers’ adaptations to meet their children’s nutritional needs in Ghana. Against this background, attendees will be given a preview of an $8.5 million Climate Adaptation Fund project to improve food security in northern Ghana, which is the subject of the research that the Humanities Fellowship enables.

Dr. Glazebrook serves on the Graduate Faculty at the University of North Texas, and is Vice-President of Gender CC: Women for Climate Justice in Berlin, Germany. She is a Research Associate at Osun State University in Nigeria, and serves on the Board of Governors of the Center for Research in Environment and Sustainable Development in Lagos, Nigeria. She is on the editorial board of New Heidegger Research published by Rowman and Littlefield in the United States, and Meeting Rivers published by Fireflies Intercultural Center in Bangalore, India. She received her PhD in Philosophy from the University of Toronto.

She has published Heidegger and Science and Heidegger on Science, as well as many papers on Heidegger, ecofeminism, ancient philosophy, philosophy of technology, environmental philosophy, climate change, climate justice, and the philosophy of international development. Her current research addresses climate impacts and adaptations by women subsistence farmers in Ghana. She also researches on the military use of drones. She has incorporated Ghana Fair in the United States in partnership with the Single Mothers’ Association of the Upper East Region in Ghana to provide livelihood diversification and alternative income, and to support microcredit financing for women in northeast Ghana.


Humanities Fellows

Dr. Glazebrook is one of three Humanities Fellows for 2016-2017, the third set in three years to be selected by the HPG from submitted proposals. Additional fellows this academic year are Dr. Joseph Campbell and Dr. Donna Campbell.

Each fellow receives a $12,000 one-year grant funded by the College of Arts and Sciences. Humanities fellow designations and grants are intended to promote further research into recipients’ areas of expertise, and to encourage their pursuit of greater external funding for humanities research. Each delivers a lecture related to their grant research.

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