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Thank you!
December 2, 2019

Thank you to all the employees who donated shared leave to me during my recent surgery and recovery. I had complete peace of mind and could focus entirely on healing because of your gift of leave.

WSU Blended Learning Holiday Wine Tasting
December 2, 2019

Gather friends and family to celebrate the holidays in Cougar style at the WSU Blended Learning Holiday Wine Tasting 5-8 p.m. Friday, Dec. 13, at the Brelsford WSU Visitor Center.

Relax during Dead & Finals Week at the CUB
December 2, 2019

Dead and Finals week can be tough. To help students de-stress and finish the end of the semester strong, the CUB is staying open 24 hours Dec. 4 to Dec. 12.

Greg Luft’s retirement celebration!
December 2, 2019

After serving the University for approximately 25 years, Greg Luft of Facilities Services, Life Safety/Electronics Shop is retiring!   

December 2, 2019

University employees receive offers of gifts from various sources. RCW 42.52.140 and RCW 42.52.150 address the limitations on accepting such gifts and should be referenced to determine the allowability of accepting a gift.

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