A WSU Ready Q&A session will be held December 17 from 10-11 a.m. in the Public Safety Building Conference room on the Pullman campus.

All WSU units are required to develop and maintain an Emergency Response/Action Plan and Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) under BPPM 50.39. WSU Ready is easy to use and should require no advance training. This online, system-wide program will enable all WSU campuses, colleges, departments, units research and extension centers, and other WSU facilities to better prepare to meet the challenges of responding to emergencies and resuming operations after a major event.

To get started, download the WSU Ready How-to Guide at https://oem.wsu.edu/documents/2017/08/wsu-ready-how-to-guide.pdf/ for step by step instructions on how to create your plan. More information can be found at https://oem.wsu.edu/continuity-planning-wsu-ready/.