Grain finished beef. Product of WSU Animal Science Department. The feeder cattle are born in Wawawai Canyon, developed at the Beef Center, and finished at the Cattle Feeding Lab. Then processing happens at the USDA inspected Meats Lab. This entire production system happens within a 6 mile radius of the Beef Center southwest of Pullman and is dependent on WSU students. No antibiotics or growth implants.

In addition to that, it is great quality and value. This beef is aged in a cooler to make it even more tender and flavorful.

$2.75 per hanging pound for beef, plus $0.80 per pound for cut and wrap.

  • ~$1500 for a half, depending on hanging weight, take home.
  • ~250 pounds of high quality beef.

You can request special cuts. Feel free to call Brent at 509-335-3777 with any questions.