Facilities Services asks that all students, faculty and staff be properly prepared for winter driving and walking. 

Please wear proper winter footwear with good traction soles.  Yak Tracks are a good option for slick conditions but please don’t wear them inside buildings.

If you are driving on campus, please have the proper snow and ice traction tires on your vehicle.  Most vehicle incidents during the winter are due to improper tires on the vehicles involved. We would like to remind everyone that parking areas will be plowed after hours when the vehicles are gone. Generally parking lots are not plowed until there is three inches of snow accumulation. We do pile snow and haul it away but it takes days to clear every location so please be patient. It is not possible to have all streets, roads, sidewalks and stairs free of snow and ice at all times.

If you have concerns about an area or see problems with ice or snow please let us know. You can contact Facilities Services Work Management Center at 335-9000.

Primary responsibility for personal safety resides with the individual, so please prepare now, winter is coming soon!