We are seeking participants for an action planning and imitation experiment.  This experiment is part of a series designed to advance our understanding of the role that employing different stimuli will have in action planning.

The experiment requires one 90 minute session. In this experiment, visual stimuli will be presented on a computer screen and participants will execute learned responses (on a keypad) to these stimuli.  Many of the trials will present two stimuli in a sequence and require withholding the learned response to the first stimulus until after executing a learned response to the second stimulus.

We are interested in how quickly and accurately participants can identify and execute the correct responses to each of these stimuli.  The computer will record participants’ reaction time and response accuracy.  These measurements will allow us to determine how responses held in memory affect the execution of other responses—and how this changes when different stimuli are used to indicate the desired responses. After completing the session, you will be asked to answer questions concerning strategies used to do the experimental task.

This experiment requires one, 90-minute session and pays $12.

Restrictions:  Must have normal vision or corrected to normal vision, and wear glasses or corrective lenses to study; must be a fluent speaker in English, must be between the ages of 18 and 35 years old to participate.  Finally, you cannot participate if you have run through other action planning studies in Dr. Fournier’s laboratory.

If you would like more information about participating in this study, please contact James Miller at:  james.r.miller@wsu.edu.

This study has been reviewed and approved for human subject participation by the WSU Institutional Review Board.