Order new Postage Barcode Stickers using Workday tags.

Mailing Services would like to encourage you to order new postage barcode stickers using new Workday tags online at:  https://printing.wsu.edu/bar-code-stickers/.

We are working as quickly as we can to print your new labels, however, if you have submitted your online order, but have not received your new stickers yet, please affix a Post-It® note to your mailing that contains the following information: Cost Center, Fund, Function, and Region, and we will make sure your mail gets processed promptly.  ALSO provide Program, Grant, Gift, or Project if you want the job directly expensed at this level.

Starting January 19, 2021 we will no longer be able to guarantee processing times using old budget/project numbers. If for some reason you need more time to make the transition please contact Mailing Services at 509-335-2365 or mailing.services@wsu.edu.