The intent of the Whistleblower Act, enacted by the Washington State Legislature, is to provide an avenue for state employees to report improper governmental actions. State law preserves the confidentiality of people who file assertions of improper governmental action and of people who provide information for whistleblower investigations.

All WSU employees at all levels of the institution are encouraged to participate in this training. Aspects of the Whistleblower Program explained in this course include:

-What is considered improper governmental action?

-What is the time frame in which to report improper governmental actions?

-Who can file a Whistleblower assertion?

-What are the procedures for filing an assertion?

-What precludes an employee from making a false assertion?

-Who investigates Whistleblower assertions when they are filed?

This training takes place Thursday, May24, 9:00 – 10:00 a.m.

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