Graduate School’s Karen P. DePauw Leadership Award (for doctoral candidates)

The Graduate School is committed to providing scholarships and fellowships for outstanding graduate students admitted to its academic programs. The scholarships and fellowships provide a valuable structure of financial support to ensure students can enjoy the benefits of a superior academic experience.

The Karen P. DePauw leadership Award is open to all doctoral students in good standing who have successfully passed their preliminary examination and have at least a 3.5 graduate GPA. Students must be enrolled either full-­‐ or part-­‐time to be eligible for the award. Students cannot receive this award more than once. Priority will be given to applicants with demonstrated leadership components in their research, training, or service contributions.

The Karen P. DePauw Leadership Award was created in honor of Dr. DePauw’s service to WSU in 2003. This fund was based on donations from the WSU community in Dr. DePauw’s name. In 2015 Dr. DePauw saw the need for such a fund to continue in perpetuity and she endowed funds to support graduate students.  Dr. DePauw has a passion for graduate students that demonstrate evidence of leadership skills and/or university involvement. The fellowship was created to give recognition to graduate students in conjunction with the Association for Women Faculty and the Graduate School.

Nominations are due March 1 by 5 p.m.  Nomination forms and instructions can be found at