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AAUW chapter donates historical records to WSU Vancouver

By Brenda Alling, WSU Vancouver

aauw_vancouver_logoVANCOUVER, Wash. – The Vancouver chapter of the American Association of University Women has donated its historical records to WSU Vancouver. » More …

WSU wins grant for online Native American collection platform

CDSC POSTER 5.26PULLMAN, Wash.—Washington State University researchers have received a $69,500 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation—the first from the foundation to WSU—to support planning of a shared online platform for the curation, management and preservation of Native American library and archive collections. » More …

April 19: Film fest, partnership based on late professor’s work

By Nella Letizia, WSU Libraries

PULLMAN, Wash. – Before filmmaker Humphrey Leynse came to work at Washington State University in 1970, he made the movie of his dreams. The subject was a remote island 180 miles east of the Korean mainland in the Sea of Japan/East Sea: Ulleung-Do. » More …

Tales from the crypt on WSU Libraries’ Paranormal Page

By Nella Letizia, WSU Libraries

PULLMAN, Wash. – Even the aborigines of Australia’s Tanami Desert claim to have seen UFOs. » More …

Family photos inspire events about Japanese internment

By Nella Letizia, WSU Libraries

PULLMAN, Wash. – Patti Hirahara’s favorite photo among the more than 2,000 taken by her father and grandfather during World War II shows an older man standing on a road in the middle of a camp, rows of barracks stretching ahead of him toward the distant, leveled-off top of Heart Mountain near Cody, Wyo. » More …

Through Nov. 14: World War I exhibit shows local impact

Logan Wheeler 's Scrapbook
Logan Wheeler ‘s Scrapbook

By Nella Letizia, WSU Libraries

PULLMAN, Wash.—It is a century old, its tan felt cover worn smooth by fingers that opened the scrapbook many times to see Logan Wheeler’s memories of Washington State College. More than 1,000 photos of campus life, people, events and buildings fill the book. There is also the unseen imprint of a spirited young man who caught unposed moments of friends eating watermelon at a picnic or shivering and freshly dusted after a snowball fight.

» More …