WSU first-year students and seniors will receive an email today from Pres. Kirk Schulz asking them to take the National Survey for Student Engagement (NSSE) to help shape future programming at the university.

The month-long NSSE campaign gives students the opportunity to report on how well WSU is engaging undergraduates in their educational and academic community. The email sent today by NSSE on behalf of Pres. Schulz is the second in a series of five over the course of March. All students who complete a survey by April 15 will be eligible for a gift card.

All responses to the NSSE survey are evaluated and help administrators work toward making WSU the best university possible. The NSSE has been given to WSU students every two years since 2000. Hundreds of other universities also use the survey to poll their students as well.

For more information about NSSE, and to access social media tools to encourage students to participate, visit WSU’s NSSE website.

Data from NSSE surveys as far back as 2008 are also available online.