Pick your own pumpkins at the WSU Eggert Family Organic Farm this year.

The farm will schedule appointments for U‑Pick Pumpkins by signing up for times online. Visit the farm’s websites and choose a time to pick your pumpkin on Friday, Oct. 9, Saturday, Oct. 10, Friday, Oct. 16, or Saturday, Oct. 17.

The Friday pick times are from 3–6 p.m. and the Saturday times are from 11:30 a.m.–4 p.m.

More details available on the farm’s website. Sign up for tickets, which are free, that will allow 10 time slots every 15 minutes. Pumpkins are all pre‑priced and can be purchased after picking on site.

The farm stand will also be open during the U‑Pick with a wide selection of fall crops including: onions; shallots; potatoes; carrots; winter squash; and more. Masks are required and NO pets allowed. Cards are preferred for payment.

The farm is located on Animal Science Rd., directly behind the Grizzly Bear Research Center.

Pumpkins prices:

  • Baby pie: $2.50
  • Small pie: $5
  • Large pie: $6
  • Medium jack‑o’‑lantern: $10
  • Large jack‑o’‑lantern: $18