Members of the Washington State University Board of Regents voted Friday to approve President Kirk Schulz’s 2020-21 Annual Goals and Objectives.

They are divided between goals for WSU Pullman and the WSU system as a whole.

Regent Lisa Schauer praised Schulz for accomplishing annual goals and objectives each of the past several years.

“These goals, while they may only take up a couple of pages, are pretty significant and he’s done an excellent job (in the recent past) of getting them done.”

Schulz’s goals for the current academic year are below:

WSU System Goals

  • Develop and implement a two-year plan focused on enhancing WSU’s presence in the Greater Seattle area and tie it to the University’s budget and philanthropic goals.
  • Raise in excess of $135 million in philanthropic funds in support of WSU.
  • Develop and communicate fiscal plans to address expected COVID-19 state of Washington related budget reductions.
  • Launch the WSU System Strategic Plan, including appointing working groups, to develop the areas of focus within the context of the four strategic plan goals:
    • Goal 1 – Research, Innovation & Creativity
    • Goal 2 – Student Experience
    • Goal 3 – Outreach, Extension, Service and Engagement
    • Goal 4 – Institutional Effectiveness & Infrastructure
  • Guided by the WSU System Strategic Plan, work on the following related initiatives:
    • Develop an annual process of integrated planning and budgeting that is driven by WSU’s land-grant mission.
    • Establish a President’s Commission on Campus Culture and Climate to: (1) Serve as the principal working group to assist with system strategic planning initiatives related to diversity, equity, and inclusion; (2) Collaborate with all campuses, colleges, and units systemwide to advance the work of the five working groups around culture and climate issues; and (3) Identify and share best practices around important cultural matters that impact the institution.
    • Develop and implement a new WSU system enrollment management plan.
    • Advance WSU’s institutional analytics capability to support data-informed decision-making to enhance administrative efficiency and strategic leadership across the system, including the development and implementation of a comprehensive web-based interactive dashboard for WSU System Strategic Plan metrics.
    • Develop and implement an action plan to further define WSU system functions and responsibilities for leadership as outlined in the System Roles and Responsibilities report.
    • Hold strategic discussions with administrators, faculty, staff, and students, including a virtual 2020 Planning Conference for WSU, focused on issues of importance facing the institution and the state.

WSU Pullman Goals

  • Meet target spending levels for WSU Athletics for 2020-2021 that are consistent with the Regents-approved FY2021 Athletics Budget.
  • Develop and implement a WSU Pullman Strategic Plan.
  • Continue implementation of the recommendations submitted by the Campus Culture and Climate working groups of faculty, staff, and students charged to develop a plan to build a more welcoming and inclusive environment at WSU Pullman.