In response to the high volume of WSU students, faculty, and staff who work with healthcare and other sensitive information, Information Technology Services now offers a better teleconferencing experience.

Beginning March 25, the WSU Zoom Services Team will be able to accept requests to migrate users over to a HIPAA‑compliant version of Zoom.

Departments can submit a request to for identified users to shift over to the new service. When submitting a request, please include names and emails of those needing to be added to HIPAA‑compliant Zoom services.

The following changes will occur to the user when they are hosting a meeting:

  • Cloud recordings will become unavailable
  • User data will not be available on the Zoom dashboard, so technical support for HIPAA compliant meetings will be limited
  • Some WSU room systems will be unable to join a HIPAA compliant meeting. Any requests for rooms to join these meeting types need to be vetted through the WSU Zoom Team
  • Chat will be encrypted—no screen captures or images will be allowed in the meeting
  • HIPAA compliant meetings will be required to have a PIN protecting the meeting entry

If you have questions or concerns about Zoom and HIPAA compliance, please submit your request to