Drawing attention to current events in the Middle East, WSU President Kirk Schulz and others are welcoming students back for spring semester with reminders about the university system’s longstanding support for all members of the WSU community regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, citizenship or other protected identity.

“It is particularly important — in light of recent events in the Middle East — to support our international students, scholars, faculty, and staff, who make the world bigger and richer for all of us,” the university leaders wrote Tuesday in a letter sent to the WSU community.

“It can be anxiety-producing to be far from home, family, and friends during times of international crisis. We want to assure all members of our international community that the entire WSU family is here to help in whatever ways we can.”

The Office of International Programs, in particular, can provide advice, support and other valuable resources.

Joining Schulz in sending the letter was Provost Bryan Slinker, Vice President for International Programs Asif Chaudhry, acting Vice President of Student Affairs Terry Boston and Associate Vice President for Community, Equity, and Inclusive Excellence Jaime Nolan.