PULLMAN, Wash. — All personnel, students, and residents of the Palouse area are reminded that the Hitchcock Research Track on the south side of the WSU campus is off limits to any unauthorized activities at all times.

Recently, people have been accessing the track despite it being posted as off limits to vehicles, people, and their animals.  Some have been using the track to jog, walk, run their dogs, or for other purposes.

The track has recently been reconditioned to prepare for ongoing research and animals are often held in the paddock areas within the track infield.  Last year, dogs let loose in the infield attacked and severely injured a university owned goat’s neck and face.

The problem has become serious enough now that personnel working in and around the track area will be contacting the WSU Police Department to warn away or trespass people and their animals found using the track and its surrounding area.

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