Whether it’s popsicle sticks, play-dough, or recyclables, you can donate simple materials to help kids on the Palouse learn science.

The 2ndAnnual STEM Supply Drive runs through May 24. Visit the Ask Dr. Universe website to find a full list of items needed and drop-off locations.

The STEM Supply Drive started with a question Dr. Universe and friends had for teachers on the Palouse: How can we help students learn about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)?

One answer from many educators was access to more materials. In collaboration with the WSU Center for Civic Engagement, the Ask Dr. Universe program wants to make sure young students—our future scientists and engineers—can access materials they need to explore STEM (i.e. mason jars, corks, empty water bottles with lids, paper towel tubes, robotics kits, batteries, books, and more).

The inaugural 2018 STEM Supply Drive resulted in the establishment of the Whitman County STEAM Supplies Library, a resource where teachers and students on the Palouse can now submit a request for materials year-round.

Ask Dr. Universe is a science-education resource for K-8 graders. It is based out of Washington State University, a public research university committed to a tradition of service and access to education.