By Marilyn Reed, University Marketing & Communications

From 9:00 a.m. to noon tomorrow, the Compton Union Building Senior Ballroom will be abuzz with lively presentations and questions posed by curious visitors.

Academic Showcase and the Graduate and Professional Students Association (GPSA) Research Exposition will offer the rare opportunity to chat firsthand with WSU scholars about their research, scholarship, and creative work. These events provide a forum for learning new concepts and meeting potential research collaborators.

At first glance, visitors may be daunted by the immense scale of the events. With 264 posters to see, where do you start?

Follow the advice of Mary Sanchez-Lanier, assistant vice provost and chair of the Academic Showcase Committee. Her tips, below, will help you navigate the myriad options and get the most out of your visit.

  • Plan for an hour and stay for two. 

You’re going to have a great time.

  • Always talk to the presenter.

That’s half the fun!  Ask presenters to tell you about their research.  It is okay to ask them for the short and less technical version. Follow up by asking a few questions. Enjoy the conversation.

  • Next, visit posters that you select at random.

They might be in a field that you know absolutely nothing about. Challenge yourself.  Ask the presenters to tell you about their work—the simple version for those outside the field.

  • Take a break and grab a snack.

Reflect on all the fascinating things you just learned.

  • Visit one last poster. 

Choose one that caught your eye earlier in the day.

  • On your way out the door, shout “Go Cougs!”

The research and innovation displayed at Academic Showcase and the GPSA Research Exposition are a source of pride for every member of the University community. They play a vital role in building a better world.