Early adoptions of textbooks and classroom materials allows The Bookie the greatest opportunity to save students money by sourcing used textbooks for purchase or rental.

The Bookie requests textbook orders for the fall 2019 semester be placed by March 15. Placing orders by this date enables students to sell back their textbooks at the maximum price, and allows The Bookie to secure the best price when stocking textbooks for the fall semester.

The Faculty Enlight online platform is available for faculty to renew textbook orders, or browse new textbooks for their courses. Textbook orders can also be hand delivered to The Bookie, or submitted via email to TM050@bncollege.com. For questions, call 509‑335‑2537, ext. 24.

The Office of the Provost is also accepting proposals for Affordable Learning Grants, designed to support instructors in developing or adapting high‑quality, no‑cost digital course materials for their courses. Grant applications are due March 18.