VANCOUVER, Wash. – “Science Talk,” an annual conference that promotes responsible practices in science communication, facilitates an exchange of ideas, supports networking, and fosters public engagement, has begun registration for its spring gathering in Portland.

The conference will be held April 4‑5 at the Tiffany Center, 1410 SW Morrison Street, Portland, OR 97205.

The conference agenda includes:

  • Opening remarks by Joe Palca, science correspondent for National Public Radio.
  • Maryam Zaringhalam, producer for “The Story Collider,” a nonprofit dedicated to telling true, personal stories about science.
  • Diana Cowern, creator of “Physics Girl,” an online resource for fun physics videos and other science materials.
  • Workshops including “Navigating Difficult Situations in Science Communication” and “Finding Your Identity in Science Communication.”
  • Presentations including “Science and Us: The Next Generation of Communicators” and “Using Storytelling to Change the Narratives of Diversity in Science.”
  • Panels including “Identifying Sources of Misinformation and Taking Action” and “Building Public Trust in the Fake News Era.”

Scientists, journalists, science communicators, students and anyone interested in promoting the best ideas in science communication, are welcome to attend. People can register online on the Science Talk website by Jan. 31 to receive early bird rates: $75 for students; $250 for professionals.

Washington State University Vancouver neuroscience professor Allison Coffin is the president and visionary behind “Science Talk.” It is a nonprofit organization that seeks to inspire and empower the science communication community to share information in a way that can be absorbed by nonscientists and therefore have the greatest impact.


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