Political campaigns are increasingly gathering information about individual social media users in order to “microtarget” their messaging. What effect will microtargeting have on the November midterm elections?

A panel of experts will discuss this issue, Cambridge Analytica’s role in the last election, and what effects microtargeting may have on the midterm elections, at the next Foley Media and Politics Symposium, 4:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 25, at Goertzen Hall Room 21.

Featured presenters include:

  • Travis Ridout

    Thomas S. Foley Distinguished Professor of Government and Public Policy at WSU, and professor in WSU’s School of Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs.

  • Shannon McGregor

    Assistant professor in communication, University of Utah.

  • Emily Stewart

    Reporter, Vox News.

This event is co‑sponsored by the Murrow College of Communication.

For more information see the Foley Institute website, or contact Richard Elgar, Foley Institute, 509‑335‑3477, tsfoley@wsu.edu.