PULLMAN, Wash. – Food professionals and budding snack entrepreneurs will learn how to develop extruded food products at an “Extrusion Processing Short Course” hosted by WSU Extension, Aug. 7‑8, at the WSU Pullman School of Food Science.

Extrusion is a very common processing technology used to make snack foods, cereals, pet foods and other products. Extruded products are typically made by cooking raw materials, such as flours, at high temperatures in a high-shear, high-pressure environment using rotating screws, to create a crispy, puffed product.

Researchers at the University of Idaho-Washington State University School of Food Science are leading research efforts to develop healthier, higher-fiber puffs.

Held at the School of Food Science’s Food Science and Human Nutrition Building, the introductory course shares information about extrusion processing systems; parts, screws and dies; food ingredient functionality; and food product development. The course will provide practical examples of products developed with extrusion using various ingredients.

Girish Ganjyal, WSU Extension Food Processing Specialist, will lead the course. Class size is limited to 24 people. Admission is $375.

Learn more at the WSU Food Processing website, or contact Cathy Blood, events coordinator,  509-335-2845, blood@wsu.edu.