Changes are coming to the parking permit system for WSU Pullman.

Transportation Services is acquiring license plate recognition (LPR) technology, which uses special cameras to help determine whether vehicles have permission to park on campus. The cameras, mounted to enforcement vehicles, send images of the license plate numbers to onboard computers that quickly scan the parking permissions database looking for a match.

As part of the planned upgrade, most physical windshield permits are expected to be phased out by the 2019-2020 permit cycle. Individual license plate numbers will be used in the future for determining whether vehicles have parking permissions, which is why it’s important for permit holders to make sure their vehicle information is updated with Transportation Services.

The use of windshield permits will continue for at least the coming year while the new LPR system is tested to ensure a seamless transition.

“We urge all of our customers to go online and review the vehicles on their account,” said Transportation Services Customer Service Manager Cody Wilson. “If any information is outdated, contact Transportation Services with the correct information so we can ensure your account is accurate.”

To review your parking account:

  • Go to  and click on “My Parking Account.”
  • Log in with your WSU Active Directory.
  • Click on your Current Permit.
  • Review your Associated Vehicles.

“Once LPR is fully integrated, it will improve customer service in many ways, mainly by saving our customers time as there will no longer be a need for them to come into our office to pick up a permit,” Wilson added. “We are excited to offer a more efficient way for our customers to get where they need to be.”

License plaate reading cameras atop a parking enforcement vehicle.
Two of the special license plate reading cameras. (Photo by Robert Hubner, WSU Photo Services)

For those who rotate their permit between cars, this is expected to be the last year you will have to do so. As long as your vehicles are properly registered in your parking account, the LPR system will know when you bring either vehicle to campus. Please remember that only one vehicle at a time may be parked on campus.

Even with a fully integrated LPR system, some physical permits will still be required. These permits include service, mall service, state disability permits and others. For questions regarding permits still needing to be displayed on the Pullman campus, contact the Transportation Services office.

WSU Spokane already is using LPR technology, and the system’s convenience and efficiency was quickly embraced by customers there.

In Pullman, Transportation Services is appreciative of the help of its patrons for getting the new system up and running, and to ensure this new technology will help make parking on the WSU Pullman campus easier for parking patrons.

Questions regarding LPR technology, including the LPR Privacy Policy, can be directed to Transportation Services,, 509-335-7275.