Like medical clinics nationwide, the Health & Wellness Services medical clinic on the Pullman campus is seeing an increase in cases of influenza.

Since Jan. 1, the clinic reports diagnosing a total of 104 patients with influenza-like illness, including 51 confirmed cases of influenza. The clinic has prescribed 59 doses of antiviral medicine to treat the flu.

The clinic staff advise that if you are sick, the most important thing you can do is stay home to rest and avoid spreading germs to others. Even if your symptoms are mild, you risk spreading the virus to others who are more vulnerable to illness.

Students should be aware of the university policy on absences, which states that instructors cannot require written excuses from health care professionals. If an instructor asks for a note for missing class, students can provide the Health & Wellness Services letter on excused student absences. Employees can get information on sick leave and related policies from Human Resource Services.

For details on flu symptoms, medical care for students and healthy habits to prevent illness, check out Health & Wellness Services’ recent post on how to protect yourself from the flu.