By WSU President Kirk Schulz

As we continue to chart a course toward restoration of the University’s long-term fiscal health, I want you to know how much I value the suggestions and concerns all of you have shared to date regarding the budget.

Please know that your feedback is being heard and carefully considered by the entire University senior leadership team. The first priority in all of our conversations is to find ways to minimize the negative impact of our decisions on our students and employees while maintaining the momentum of several initiatives designed to advance our thriving statewide enterprise.

To ensure a system-wide perspective for guiding budget decisions going forward, we have created a new committee of administrators, faculty, and students that will provide direct feedback to me on university-level budget matters.

The 13-member University Fiscal Health Advisory Committee will be charged with a wide-ranging mission:

  • Examine current budgetary practices and propose new budget models for the future.
  • Suggest strategic ways to enhance revenue.
  • Suggest strategies for streamlining administrative operations to decrease costs.
  • Review programs or initiatives proposed for discontinuation to determine the larger impact on the campus community and student experience.
  • Examine administrative costs versus instructional costs and submit recommendations for making our ratio comparable to our peer institutions.
  • Solicit suggestions from the greater WSU community about general university budget matters and provide responses to ideas on a periodic basis.
  • Facilitate communication about the budget in a transparent and informative manner with the university community.

Committee members include:

  • Stacy Pearson (Chair)
    Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • Dan Bernardo
    Provost and Executive Vice President
  • Todd Butler
    Associate Professor and Chair, Department of English
  • Michael Craven
    Graduate student, Accounting
    GPSA representative, Faculty Senate Budget Committee
  • Daryll DeWald
    Chancellor, WSU Spokane
  • Maria de Jesús Dixon
    Manager of Operations, Culture and Heritage Houses, Office of Equity and Diversity
    Secretary/Treasurer, Administrative Professional Advisory Council
  • Jordan Frost
    Undergraduate student, History
    ASWSU President
  • Chip Hunter
    Dean, College of Business
  • Joan King
    Associate Vice President and Chief Budget Officer
  • Greg Rose
    Associate Professor of Management Information Systems, WSU Vancouver
    Chair, Faculty Senate Budget Committee
  • Matt Skinner
    Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • Kelley Westhoff
    Operating Budget Director
  • Phil Weiler (ex-officio)
    Vice President for Marketing and Communications

The committee will meet monthly. The group’s meeting minutes and notes will be posted on the Fiscal Health website, and you will be able to provide direct input to the committee using the feedback form on the site.

There is no doubt we are making steady progress in identifying strategies and actions to bring our revenues and expenditures in balance. Thanks to the fine efforts by all areas of the University and the progress reports developed by the Budget Office, we are making good headway in reducing expenditures system-wide.

By continuing this disciplined approach, we will be well positioned for the future, primed to again invest in new initiatives that will advance our mission in service to the state.

Please continue to share your concerns and ask questions in the weeks and months ahead. We will be transparent as discussions take place and decisions are made.

Thank you again for all that you do on behalf of the University.