By Addy Hatch, College of Nursing

Andra Davis, of the WSU College of Nursing Vancouver, was one of seven nurse educators honored by the End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium for her commitment to teaching nurses about end-of-life care.

Davis is an assistant professor with clinical experience in oncology, palliative care, and hospice nursing.

ELNEC established a national education program for nursing faculty in end-of-life care. It’s a train-the-trainers model that has helped spread best practices and improved care throughout the nursing ranks. As a 2007 study of the program noted, “The integration of palliative care in critical care settings is essential to improve care of the dying, and critical care nurses are leaders in these efforts.”

Davis has taught the ELNEC program for more than a dozen years, and her research interests include nurse-led symptom support for cancer patients and end-of-life and palliative care education.

“Her work in promoting ELNEC-Undergraduate has been outstanding,” said Pam Malloy, director and co-investigator of the ELNEC Project, in announcing Davis’ honor, “and her commitment in educating practicing nurses, as well as students, is remarkable.”