disability parking signPULLMAN, Wash. – Disability parking at WSU Pullman is vital for those who need access to campus destinations. As such, the fine for illegally parking in a disability space is currently $250.

Due to a change in Washington State law, beginning Nov. 1, $200 will be added to each fine (RCW 46.19.050), bringing the total fine to $450.

Administered by the Washington State Department of Transportation, the additional $200 dollars will go towards improving special needs transportation across the state. The allocation breakdown is as follows, $100 will be deposited into the Washington State Accessible Communities account (RCW 50.40.071), and $100 will be deposited into the Washington State Multimodal Transportation account (RCW 47.66.070).

For additional information, contact WSU Transportation Services, 509-335-7275, transportation@wsu.edu.