Center for Transformational Learning and Leadership
Center for Transformational Learning and Leadership

Join the Center for Transformational Learning and Leadership for a half-day exploration of campus and regional based mindfulness resources Saturday, Oct. 28, from 9 a.m. to noon at Event Room Chinook 150.

Participants will be introduced to practices including guided reflections, meditation, and qi gong. Learn more through interactive discussions and a presentation on mindfulness. Cost is $15 for professionals and individuals; $10 for students with ID and you can register online. There’s an optional 8 a.m. yoga session.

The seminar is open to clinicians and therapists interested in furthering their professional skills, as well as to individuals motivated for personal growth. Material and mindfulness skills can be taught through both direct teaching and through the use of clinical examples. Past workshops have seen participants:

  • Understand the value and importance of mindfulness awareness practices.
  • Experience mindfulness practices that can inform daily living.
  • Be inspired and informed by WSU mindfulness-related research and opportunities.
  • Access networking opportunities for like minded individuals living on the Palouse.

Free Mindfulness Drop-in sessions are offered weekly throughout the Fall 2017 semester on the Pullman campus.

  • Wednesdays at noon-ish (12:10-12:40pm) at Smith Gym 213A.
  • Thursdays at noon-ish (12:10-12:40pm) at Johnson Tower 507.
  • Fridays 10-10:30 a.m. in the Museum of Art