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Presentation: Working with industry

Finding funding opportunities from industrial sources is not easy. Few private companies advertise their research needs and those that do often articulate highly specific requests that rarely dovetail with traditional academic research. While the process of proposal submission and approval is broadly similar to soliciting federal funding, the specifics of how and what a faculty member submits to a company are different. Securing funding from the private sector is often a bi-directional dialogue that requires a process of iteration on the industry needs, the capabilities of the faculty member and their research group, and the necessary disposition of intellectual property rights in the work products.

The session will involve a panel of four WSU faculty who have successfully attracted funding from industry and will be moderated by a staff member experienced in negotiating contractual partnerships with the private sector.

Join us on Thursday, Oct. 12, at 2:30 p.m. in PACCAR 202.  RSVP now!