PULLMAN, Wash. – A new series of workshops is addressing a variety of topics in order to broaden after-college perspectives for Cougar graduate students. From working in academics, to balancing career and family life, to preparing taxes, the sessions fuse professional, personal and skills development.

“We want our students to be better students, but we also want them to be looking at their futures,” said Lisa Gloss, associate dean in the Graduate School. “How they succeed after grad school is a direct reflection on WSU.”

An advisory council, to which college deans appoint representatives, will help assess outcomes from the approximately 32 workshops and find ways to improve them.

Read all of this announcement from the WSU provost at https://provost.wsu.edu/2017/03/09/grad-cougs-get-leg-pdi/. For more information about the Professional Development Initiative, visit http://gradschool.wsu.edu/pdi.