Time Magazine – Jeff Joireman, an associate professor of marketing at Washington State University, tested how people would respond if they had to wait a long time to order at a coffee shop, and were then handed the wrong drink. As you might expect, people were annoyed — unless they had been told beforehand that the business donated 15% of its profits to environmental causes.

USA Today – A new study has found that Dutch babies laugh and smile more than US infants, and they cuddle more, too, per a Washington State University post at Eureka Alert. American babies do, however, have the Dutch beat when it comes to being noisy, researchers say.

Materials Today – Researchers from Washington State University have created dense ceramics from a lunar dust simulant – they say that it could be used for structural applications on the moon. Lunar bases have always been a dream of science fiction, but with NASA’s Orion program, the Moon has come back into focus. If all goes well, Luna will have a key role to play – a staging post for the next generation of human space exploration missions. In order to do this, we will need some sort of permanent settlement structure on the surface, and work from Washington State University may have found the perfect (and local) building block – moondust!