By Madison Rosenbaum


RICHLAND, Wash. —“Wood Creations,” a month-long exhibit by 14 Pacific Northwest artists featuring art made primarily from wood, will open Sept. 1 at Washington State University Tri-Cities.

Located at the Art Center in the WSU Tri-Cities Consolidated Information Center, 2710 Crimson Way, in Richland, the exhibit will showcase 36 works reflecting a variety of techniques and proficiencies.

Knotty Problem 1
“Knotty Problem”

Peter Christenson, WSU assistant professor of fine arts and curator of the Art Center, said a number of the 14 exhibiting artists will also be on hand to discuss their works at the exhibit’s opening reception, which is scheduled for 5 p.m. on Sept. 9.

He said “Wood Creations” asks the viewer to consider at what point woodworking crosses the line from art into practical function.

“Thematically, the exhibition seeks to blur the traditional and perhaps antiquated lines that often separate concept from decoration, aesthetic from utility, fine art from craft,” Christenson said.


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Madison Rosenbaum, WSU Tri-Cities, Marketing and Communications student intern,

Peter Christenson, WSU Tri-Cities, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts & DTC, 509-372-7285,