PULLMAN, Wash. – Wildfire smoke and heat are combining to make it unhealthy to be outdoors and, in particular, to exercise outdoors, according to Washington State University Environmental Health & Safety.

According to the unit:

* Everyone should avoid outdoor exercise.

* People with asthma, respiratory infection, diabetes, lung or heart disease and those who have had a stroke should stay indoors.

* Infants, children, pregnant women and adults over age 65 should also stay indoors.

* Temperatures nearing 100 degrees mean faculty, staff and students should watch for signs of heat stress when outdoors.

For more information about heat stress, see http://ehs.wsu.edu/ohs/OutdoorHeatStressProg.html.

For more information about smoke, see http://ehs.wsu.edu/ph/wildfiresmoke.html .

Contact Environmental Health & Safety with questions at 509-335-3041.