survey-130PULLMAN, Wash. – The legal needs of low income state residents will be assessed by Washington State University researchers in an update to a 2003 study. The goal is to provide strategic direction for legal aid delivery to these individuals and families.

Results will include the impact unmet civil legal needs have on the ability to secure stable housing, health care, employment, personal and family safety and government assistance.

The WSU Social and Economic Sciences Research Center will conduct a survey in high poverty and high minority poverty areas across the state June-October. Face-to-face interviews will be conducted with low income members of target groups.

The final assessment is expected to be completed in January.

The WSU center is contracted to perform the study by the state Office of Civil Legal Aid under direction from an update committee established by the Washington Supreme Court.

The WSU team includes Danna Moore, lead principal investigator; co-PI Arina Gertseva; and Chris Paxson, research associate. The work will be coordinated with organizations that provide services to low income residents. It will be supported by students from three Washington law schools and the University of Idaho School of Law.

Find the 2003 study report at Learn more about the center at or contact research team members at 509-335-1511 or