Academic Media Services and the General University Classroom Committee are pleased to announce that additional general use classrooms have migrated to all digital resources within the room, including Cleveland 30E and Cleveland 30W. What does this mean to you as an instructor or user of the electronic classroom?

1. The classrooms have been equipped with a classroom computer which allows you to play DVD media locally in your room and access USB ports and internet, etc from the resident computer.

2.If your educational presentations are currently on VHS, SVHS, or 16mm, AMS can assist you in transferring it to CD/DVD as well as assure you are complying with WSU copyright.

If you are assigned a classroom and are unsure of the resources available to you, please contact us at or 335-5044 so we can make recommendations based on your instructional needs. Visit our website for all of your classroom specifications. AMS also continues to provide classroom training at the beginning of the fall and spring semester and individually as requested.